Becoming An Improv Master

This past weekend I graduated from my improv school with flying colors. I can't imagine what I would be doing if it weren't for improv coming into my life and showing me how to listen to view things from all different angles.

The crazy part is that I never intended on doing improv for the past year. I initially signed up just as a gag, just something to fill a time slot I had open on Monday afternoons. I told myself "You'll quit this thing after the first class, just push through it and you'll be able to say you did it." I didn't dedicate myself fully.

What happened after my first month was amazing. I LOVED IT. I couldn't get enough of it, I went to every class with a open mind and youthful excitement that I hadn't felt in a long time. I learned about listening, building off other people, using actions to start scenes and most importantly to "yes and...".

The idea of "yes and..." is what I really want to focus on. The basic principle is that if one thing is true then what else must be trust. In design this is crucial, and improv really made that clear to me. For example if the fact that your customers love daisies is true then it must also be true that they are drawn to the color yellow. This is the start of building a brand, website, marketing campaign...etc. It's like a cheat sheet. Find the one fact is true and build something based off of that.

Action Steps:

  1. Figure out what is inherently true
  2. Create a flow chart of ideas must also be true
  3. Then look at those ideas and come up with other things that must be true
  4. Do this for at least 3 generations

Once you do this you'll have about a hundred ideas to build a project off of!

My graduation night